Export status

Export status

As an exporter, we understand that you want to check quickly if your report has been successfully exported or not. 

From your export format, you could select 'Mark exported reports as 'Processed''. This status means that the SRXP processed the export of the report.
However, exports made with our integrated export formats such as Exact Online, Twinfield, Afas ... experienced difficulties to know if the exported file was actually successfully imported in the financial system. 

The status Processed does not determine that the report has been correctly imported or not in any financial system, but it informs that an exporting file has been created by SRXP.

To clarify the export statements, SRXP built a new archive status. As an exporter, from your export archive, a new column has been created to display 3 types of statuses for all exports.

  • Pending - we are currently exporting the file and pending feedback from the external financial system
  • Exported - it means that the external financial system sent SRXP a confirmation that the complete export was successfully imported. The exported status is also used for the export with non-direct-connection to indicate that the file has been correctly processed by SRXP
  • Failed - this status has 2 forms of usage. If the status only indicate 'Failed', it is more likely a connection problem. In any other scenarios, the status 'Failed' will be completed by the number of file, we are trying to export into the connected financial system. It indicates the number of failure. If it states Failed 2/3, it means that 1 was successfully exported.