Real-time connection with bunq

The new API (OAuth) connection between SRXP and bunq not only allows you to import your transactions into SRXP in real-time, but also to manage all your bunq cards in SRXP: change card limits and allowed countries, freeze and block cards, among many other possibilities. 

1. Seamless set-up

To set-up the connection, go to the SRXP admin panel (settings icon) > Company information > Connections > bunq. Note: If you don't see the bunq section, please contact our Customer Success team.

Once in the bunq connection page, click Connect as shown in the screenshot below:



After clicking, you will be redirected to the following view:




Take you phone > open the bunq app > make sure you are in the Accounts section > tap the Scan button located othe top-left corner of your screen (as shown below) > and scan the QR code displayed on your browser:




After scanning the QR code, you will be redirected to SRXP and the connection between SRXP and your bunq account will be established.

2. Enabling automatic transaction import

To enable the automatic import of bunq transactions into SRXP, expand the Automatic import section, fill the default import values (payment method and VAT) and click Enable automatic bunq import




Once the Automatic import is enabled, your cards and transactions will start coming into SRXP.

To finish up, open the admin panel > go to Cards and assign your bunq cards to your submitters in SRXP. Then, transactions will be created in their Expense Inbox / Report, depending on the import settings selected before.

3. Manage your cards

To manage your cards, open the admin panel > go to Cards, where you will see the complete list of all your bunq cards > and click on the eye icon located on the right-hand side of the table. This will open the bunq card view.

The bunq card overlay will give you an overview of the card Information, Limits & Status and Allowed countries. But, most importantly, it will allow you to modify your bunq card settings: freezing, unfreezing and blocking cards, changing your card's PIN, modifying card limits and allowed countries, etc.




Freeze, unfreeze and block cards:



Change card limits and allowed countries:



Change PIN: