Can I see the details of our subscription?

You are always able to see the details of the subscription in SRXP when you are an Administrator. To see the details, go to 'Subscription' via the Admin Panel (gear):

The information that you can find here is:

  • Plan: The type of subscription
  • Status: The status of the subscription
  • Renewal date: The date the subscription will be renewed
  • Current contract start date: The start date of the current contract

Other information that you can find in relation to the users within your subscription:

  1. Users in subscription: The number of users you added to your subscription
  2. Active submitters/approvers: The number of active users in SRXP
  3. Available users: Users in subscription - active users

You will see the button 'Upgrade', with this button you can upgrade the number of users in your subscription. You can add as many users as needed. Just fill in the total amount of users you want to have, we will automatically calculate the extra amount of users. Please be aware: This will automatically send an invoice for the extra amount of users from the date of upgrade until the renewal date

You will also see the button 'Terminate'. This is the official way of ending the subscription, this will end the invoicing.