Can I change the default report title?

You can change the report title as Submitter, but the default report title can be changed by the Administrator. Would you like to have more information on how to change the default title, please scroll down.

I'm a Submitter

The title of reports you have created can be changed in the app and in the portal

I work with the app:

Click on the report title of your created report


You will see the following screen where you can adjust the report title:

Be aware: you can't change the report titles of the reports with a blue credit card symbol.

I work with a browser:

Click on the report title, you are able to change the title immediately

I'm an Administrator:

Click on the gear and go to the company information. Scroll down to the 'Report settings'. You will see the default report title, this is the default title that will be added to the reports the submitters create by themselves. You can change this information.

You will also see the default credit card report title. This is the title of the report that will be created for the credit card transactions. The submitters can not change this title.

You can add the strings below, just copy and paste or add a word (like: report).